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    10 Questions About Your Child and School

    The more you know about how your child deals with challenges and what's expected of him, the better you'll be able to help him achieve. Start by asking these key questions.

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    11 Tips for Kindergarten Parents

    Simple ways to get involved and make a difference for your child and the school.

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    12 Educational Apps for Kids

    These high-tech tools can help students develop their academic skills.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    12 Ways To Help Your Child Love the Library

    Have you and your child been to your local library lately? In addition to wonderful books, today’s libraries offer multimedia options, community events, fun activities, and more—and all for free.

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    3 Keys to School Success

    Get your children charged up and ready to learn with these tips.

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    6 Childhood Illnesses That Are Icky, Gross, and Disgusting (but Harmless)

    They’re unpleasant but exceedingly common. We’re talking about head lice, ringworm, and other “icky” childhood illnesses that are more repugnant than harmful. Here’s how to handle them...and the “yuck” factor.

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    7 Things To Tell the Teacher

    Sharing key information about your child can help teachers make a connection.

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    ADHD and School: Tips for Parents

    Does your child have trouble focusing in class? Here’s how to find out whether your child has ADHD, and how to work with the school if he does.

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    Back-to-School Books

    Reading about going back to school is a great way to ease the transition. Especially with younger children, as you turn the pages together, you can talk about their real-life hopes and fears as well as discuss the wonderful characters in these books.

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    Better Grades—10 Ways You Can Help!

    Make sure your child is ready to learn and achieve at school with these 10 smart tips on what you can do at home to prepare her for success.

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    Bullying: How Parents Can Fight Back

    Kids are often reluctant to talk about bullying. Here’s how to spot it and what to do if your child is a victim.

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    Can Food Help You Learn?

    Eating certain “brain foods” might make your kids smarter...but research shows they’ll be better off with a balanced diet, a good breakfast, and regular physical activity.

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