• SchoolFamily.com Article

    5 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed in School

    Get your children ready to perform like heroes in school with these teacher-recommended tips.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Help for Absentminded Students

    Tired of delivering forgotten items to school? The "no-rescue" approach could help your child learn to remember.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Help Middle Schoolers Manage Their Homework

    Middle school students have a lot of homework assignments to keep track of. Here’s how to help your child stay on top of that work without a fight.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Homework: How Much Should You Help?

    Strategies to make homework time easier for both you and your child, including when—and how—to lend a hand.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    How To Motivate Your Child in School

    Expert advice on helping your child do her best and reach her potential in school.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Middle School Study Skills: Getting Organized

    Help your middle schooler learn the skills she needs to stay on top of homework.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Resolving Student-Teacher Conflicts

    It’s tough when a child says “My teacher hates me, and I hate her, too,” but it’s bound to happen at least once in every student’s educational life. Here are some tips for what parents can do.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    Should Kids Be Forced To Finish Activities They've Started?

    It’s a familiar story: Your child begs to sign up for an activity, then weeks later refuses to go and begs you to let him quit. Our experts offer help in handling this frustrating scenario, as well as tips for preventing it in the future.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    When Is It OK To Fail?

    The natural instinct is to jump in and help your child with a problem. But often, it pays to hang back.

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