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    A Twice-Exceptional Story

    A mother recounts, in her own words, the rewards and challenges of raising a son who is both gifted and learning disabled.

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    Adjusting to the New School Year

    Our tips for helping your child have a smooth start.

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    Help Your Child Adjust Socially

    Finding the right niche can help your child feel happier at school.

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    Help Your Child Fit In at School

    For some kids, the school social scene can be just as challenging as academics.

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    How Peer Pressure Affects Your Child

    Peer pressure is one of parents' biggest concerns, but experts say it doesn’t work the way we typically think it does.

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    Increase Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

    Help your child navigate the school halls with more confidence by making sure she has a grasp on a few essential social skills.


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?