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    12 Educational Apps for Kids

    These high-tech tools can help students develop their academic skills.

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    13 Summer Learning Activities

    These fun activities can help keep kids’ math and language arts skills sharp during the summer break.

  • SchoolFamily.com Article

    7 Ideas for Celebrating Leap Day

    Celebrate that extra day every four years in February—the 29th—with your kids, using some of these fun and educational activities.

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    Connecting Learning to the Real World

    How parents can promote learning outside of school.

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    For Students, Parents, and Families, There Are 26 Top Apps for That

    Whether it’s keeping track of school assignments, remembering your kids’ allowances, or avoiding doubles on the grocery list, new software applications abound.

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    Fun At-Home Learning Activities

    Reinforce your child’s classroom learning with these simple grade-level activities you can do together.

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    Geocaching 101: Family Fun for All, in Every Season

    How about taking the whole family on a scavenger hunt, except one that’s held outdoors and uses high-tech navigation? Learn about this latest outdoor craze that even little ones can enjoy.

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    Handwritten Thank-You Notes Offer Many Ways To Learn

    Parents can add humor—and math and history learning—to this task, which is one that most children initially resist.

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    Instill a Love of Learning in Your Child

    To encourage curiosity and a passion for learning in your child, discuss things you’re interested in, show her real-world examples, and don’t forget to take her lead.

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    Let the Kids Plan the Vacation

    Children learn a wealth of skills by planning the family vacation. It’s a lot of fun, and not as risky as you might think.

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    Make Summer Count

    Yes, learning and summer fun can coexist. Use these tips to help your child get the most out of summer.

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    Parents Are Teachers, Too

    Use these simple ideas to reinforce learning at home and develop your child’s academic skills.

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