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    10 Easy Ways Families Can Exercise Together

    Telling kids to “go out and play” doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get the exercise they need. Pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle as a family, however, shows your child how much you value exercise and fitness, as well as learning new things.

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    Handwritten Thank-You Notes Offer Many Ways To Learn

    Parents can add humor—and math and history learning—to this task, which is one that most children initially resist.

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    Help for Absentminded Students

    Tired of delivering forgotten items to school? The "no-rescue" approach could help your child learn to remember.

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    How To Motivate Your Child in School

    Expert advice on helping your child do her best and reach her potential in school.

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    Should Kids Be Forced To Finish Activities They've Started?

    It’s a familiar story: Your child begs to sign up for an activity, then weeks later refuses to go and begs you to let him quit. Our experts offer help in handling this frustrating scenario, as well as tips for preventing it in the future.

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    When Motivation Levels Differ: Motivating Your Kids Without Comparing Them

    In many families, one child is self-motivated and directed while the other is not. How should parents help the unmotivated child without drawing comparisons to the independent, self-starting sibling?

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    Why Are Boys Lost in the School Shuffle?

    When it comes to school and learning, statistics show that boys are falling behind. Here's how parents can help close the achievement gap—and help their sons reach their learning potential.


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