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    10 Easy Ways Families Can Exercise Together

    Telling kids to “go out and play” doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get the exercise they need. Pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle as a family, however, shows your child how much you value exercise and fitness, as well as learning new things.

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    6 Childhood Illnesses That Are Icky, Gross, and Disgusting (but Harmless)

    They’re unpleasant but exceedingly common. We’re talking about head lice, ringworm, and other “icky” childhood illnesses that are more repugnant than harmful. Here’s how to handle them...and the “yuck” factor.

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    9 Ways To Help Your Child Manage PE Anxiety

    Physical education classes at school can strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of many children. If yours is one, these tips will help your child address her anxieties and learn to manage anxious situations.

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    A Balanced Day

    Simple steps toward a well-rounded daily routine.

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    A Research-Based Case for Recess

    In this white paper, researchers from the U.S. Play Coalition at Clemson University have pulled together evidence for all the benefits children gain from recess.

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    Does My Child Need Antibiotics?

    Taking antibiotics for the wrong reasons can have a negative effect long-term. Find out when antibiotics will help your child get well and when they won't.

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    Drawing the Line on Screen Time

    Tips to help ensure your kids aren't overdoing it with mobile technology and other screen devices.

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    Exercise for School Success

    Regular workouts benefit the brain and the body.

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    Feeling Sick? When To Stay Home

    With all the stomachaches and sniffles that come along with childhood, it can be hard to know when to keep a sick child home from school.

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    Flu Prevention Tips

    A few commonsense practices can help keep your child (and others) healthy.

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    Fun Alternatives to Screen Time for Kids and Families

    Kids need at least an hour of physical activity every day, but it is often difficult to tear them away from their electronic devices. One way to get them moving is to play games that are so much fun, kids won’t mind pausing a video game or taking a break from texting.

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    Get Your Kids To Exercise

    Regular activity helps children do better in school. Use these creative ideas to add some physical movement to their day.

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