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    12 Ways To Help Your Child Love the Library

    Have you and your child been to your local library lately? In addition to wonderful books, today’s libraries offer multimedia options, community events, fun activities, and more—and all for free.

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    6 Childhood Illnesses That Are Icky, Gross, and Disgusting (but Harmless)

    They’re unpleasant but exceedingly common. We’re talking about head lice, ringworm, and other “icky” childhood illnesses that are more repugnant than harmful. Here’s how to handle them...and the “yuck” factor.

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    Handwritten Thank-You Notes Offer Many Ways To Learn

    Parents can add humor—and math and history learning—to this task, which is one that most children initially resist.

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    Help Your Autistic Child Succeed in School

    How to work with the school to improve education and school life for your autistic child.

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    Help Your Gifted Child Succeed in School

    How to tell whether your child is gifted, plus ways to make school more meaningful for him.

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    Helping Kids Cope With the Death of a Pet

    The death of a beloved family pet can elicit varied reactions in children depending on their age and what else may be going on in their lives. Allowing children to discuss their feelings of grief and talk about the pet is something parents should encourage.

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    How To Choose a Prekindergarten Program

    An outline of the core components that make for a high-quality early childhood education program.

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    Instill a Love of Learning in Your Child

    To encourage curiosity and a passion for learning in your child, discuss things you’re interested in, show her real-world examples, and don’t forget to take her lead.

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    Is Prekindergarten Right for Your Child?

    Some common questions and answers on what preK is all about and whether it might be the right choice for your family.

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    Tips for Raising a Reader

    Some kids live to read; others won't go near books without being prodded. Our experts offer ideas to encourage children of all ages, and interest levels, to read.

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