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    6 Tips To Help Kids Develop a Positive Body Image

    Children develop a body image of themselves, positive or negative, as early as age 8. Here’s what parents should know about how that “snapshot” is formed, and six tips from child experts on how to improve your child’s self-image.

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    9 Ways To Help Your Child Manage PE Anxiety

    Physical education classes at school can strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of many children. If yours is one, these tips will help your child address her anxieties and learn to manage anxious situations.

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    9/11: Tips for Observing the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 With Your Children

    Advice on how to address the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, with your children without overwhelming them.

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    Help Kids Stress Less

    Advice for supporting your child through jam-packed school days.

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    Help Your Child Adjust Socially

    Finding the right niche can help your child feel happier at school.

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    Help Your Child Deal With Grief

    As a parent, helping your grieving child is difficult and complicated. Our experts offer answers about talking with his teacher, helping him inform his peers, and using activities to draw out his feelings.

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    Helping Kids Cope With the Death of a Pet

    The death of a beloved family pet can elicit varied reactions in children depending on their age and what else may be going on in their lives. Allowing children to discuss their feelings of grief and talk about the pet is something parents should encourage.

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    Stepparents and School: It’s Complicated, but Not Impossible

    Remarriage brings happiness and a new start for many hopeful couples, but children from prior marriages must be given time to adjust to a new family dynamic. What role should stepparents have in a child’s school life? Not pushing for too much too soon is key, according to our experts.

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    Ways To Help Your Child Manage Stress

    Parents play a key role in helping kids cope with their worries. Here are some potential reasons your child may seem stressed, and ways you can help her deal with it.

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