Additional Resources

Resources that will help you help understand and advocate for your special needs child. Find even more information in learning problems.
Many parents get overwhelmed by even elemetary school math homework. These sites will help your kids with their homework and help you know what math concepts they should be learning. Find even more on building math skills at home.
How you can use your family budget and your kids' allowance to teach about.
Sites with excellent lists of crafts you can do with your children at home. Help build their creative and find motor skills.
Help getting your kids to be active, and stay active.
These sites for parents and kids will help you learn more about keeping your family safe on the Internet.
Bookmark these kid-friendly sites and you’ll get age-appropriate search results the next time your child needs to go online for homework or project research.
These sites educate children about the flu symptoms and good handwashing techniques. Find more information about Seasonal and Swine Flu.
These sites compile great ideas how to get your child's creative juices flowing and become a better writer. Find even more help on our Building Writing Skills at Home resource page.
These sites will help you identify and understand your gifted child.

Click here for SchoolFamily.com gifted and talented resources.
Tips on how you can encourage a lifelong love for reading in your children. Find more ideas on how to build reading skills at home.
These sites provide answers to general homework questions and help show you how to help your children organize their homework.
Sites that offer fun, free, eductaional games for kids.
Resources created specially for dads who want to get involved with and help their children do better in school.

Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

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