Question: co-chairing pto - need help!!!

I agreed to co-chair the PTO next year and my cc is already driving me crazy with her disorganization. Help!


Advice from Schoolfamily

TimPTO writes:
Hi Penny - You might want to bring that question over to www.ptotoday.com, which specializes in all the many challenges (and occasional joys?) of leading a PTO. As a relatively disorganized PTO leader myself, can you guys be complementary. Does your co-chair have other skills that are great? And perhaps you can pick up the slack on the organization front. Teamwork. Tim
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Community Advice

Sibbyo writes:
I'm on our pto and every year there is someone on the committee like that - LOL. Tim brings up a really good point - have each co chair work on things that use their strengths. I also have found that email is a great way to cut down on the friction... so you get things organized with your check list and documents etc. and then instead of having a lot of meetings to discuss plans - do it thru email.
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