Question: New to the school

We just moved to a new district and don’t know anyone at the school. How can we feel more comfortable?


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Lynn writes:
Our family is in the same boat! The first thing I did was enroll my kids in local day-camps to get to know other kids from the area. From there, they joined some sports clubs (that's their thing). I'd also suggest going to local parks and chatting with other Moms, kids. When i enrolled them in school, I asked that they be assigned a "buddy" to help them around the new school when it starts. From what I've been told, if they haven't met many kids when school begins, they certainly will during their first week. Kids are resiliant -- they'll be fine! Best of luck.
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mikey83560 writes:
What I usually do is start talking to person your with, or the person next to you, about what we're doing... like help them, make a joke about what the teacher said, or if you need help ask them, then start chatting small talk, & soon enough you will have a friend (^0v0)> Another thing is when you have to sit next to a person you don't know whether its on the bus, or at the Cafeteria, say something about the food, or how you feel(By feel I mean if your comfortable or not), & they will also start talking about the same thing, & you make friends the same way as before... small talk to a bit more personal things.<(0v0^) <(0v0^) (^0v0)> <(0v0<) (>0v0)> (T.Tv) KIRBY DANCE!!!!!!!!!! (vT.T)
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