Question: My daughter has lack of effort

My daughter is in 3rd grade and usually does very well. Mostly A and in excellerated classes. This year we are having problems with her paying attention in class. She plays around with stuff in her desk and is not motivated. Her teachers say that when she pays attention she is very bright but she doesn't pay attention most of the time. I am starting to realize that when she brings her homework home she doesn't understand so I help her. But, I know that they go over it in class she doesn't listen and relies on me to help her understand the material. I don't know how to make her care about her clases and pay attention in class. Ilona


Advice from Schoolfamily

cmccarthy writes:
Hi Ilona, I think it is always important to rule out a physical reason for a change in attention. Is she getting enough sleep? Maybe she isn't seeing the board clearly? Has she had recent ear infections or a cold that could have blocked her hearing? Often children don't understand subtle changes and "act out" because they can't explain what's wrong. As a parent the first thing I would do is take her to the doctor to rule out any physical changes that could be effecting her school performance.
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