Question: Homework incentives?

My second grader seems to have spring fever and I am at my wits end. I am considering doing incentives for doing homework. Is this ok, any ideas?


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Hi JD2000- I think that it all depends on what the incentives are. When my kids were little we did marble jars -- when I "caught them being good", like doing their homework without being reminded, or helped clean up after dinner, etc. we placed a marble in a jar. When the jar was full we did a fun activity together. Personally I think it's better to reward with experiences instead of stuff. When it comes to homework, I think that it's ok to do something similar. We do this for ourselves, right? I tell myself when I complete a project I can go to lunch with a friend or something like that. Good luck. Happy Spring.
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Community Advice

dixiemom writes:
I agree Lisa- so no m & ms in my house. What we do it play time after school. dinner. homework and then the reward when hw is done is play a game or watch a show, the books & cuddle time. We definitely have nights my 2nd grader doesn't want to do her homework and you know what I don't feel like having her do it either. So for now I sit with her on those nights and offer moral support and try to keep her on task. Works most of the time.
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Community Advice

tracey writes:
Any incentive with points, stickers, marbles, is great - but make the reward fairly easily attainable - for example; 1 sticker each day for doing homework - 5 stickers = trip to the ice cream store/park/playdate on the weekend. (Not advocating all food rewards, just using an example :-)
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