Question: How do we move on?

My daugher's 5th grade teacher was not a good match. She was afraid to ask her any questions and came away with lousy self-confidence and a bad attitude about school. I need help!


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Oh, that's frustrating! Summer is a great time to help her re-build her self-confidence. Think about some things she is good at and enjoys and steer her towards those activities. Also, help her to focus on the positive. Do you know her teacher assignment for next year yet? If possible, find out some good things about this teacher to communicate to your daughter. Also, be sure to visit the new teacher before school starts. Maybe she can spend some time with the teacher and help her set up the classroom. That depends on the teacher -- we've had some teachers who love when kids do this and it's a great opportunity for some bonding.
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Community Advice

momof2 writes:
The middle school only has one teacher for each subject in 6th so I do know her teachers (her sister just finished middle school). The sad thing is that her 5th grade teacher is moving into the middle school as the 8th grade math teacher and my daughter is stressing about that already. I've talked with the 6th grade math teacher. She also has a psych degree so I hope that she can help. We're working with the Summer Bridge books, both the general one and the Math book and that's gone surprisingly well. She's smart, but being afraid to ask for help is just deadly in Math... Thanks for the advice!!!
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