Question: The teacher did not pass on letter to bus driver; She ignored my request

The day before school started, I had written a brief not for the school teacher to either tell or give to the bus driver. The teacher never gave it to the bus driver. I was told to let it go and of course two weeks later, they separated the child I asked that my daughter not sit by. My daughter was really upset and upon talking to the bus driver, she now realizes what transpired. My daughter won't take the bus now, and I am glad, too much time waiting for the bus to arrive 20 minutes and then 20 minutes of unsupervised waiting with nothing to do. This teacher so far seems not to like my daughter, it is a feeling I get when I see her. She was the favorite at her preschool, and is a good child, but I had to write a letter requesting my daughter not be the Butler, yes Butler, do garbage, push others chairs in, etc. I told the school she is not to do any of that due to rare health condition, yet the second week, they're she is, doing garbage. We pay 4500 a year in school tax, and for a K student to be touching garbage is ridiculous. I am not impressed with this school at all.


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