Question: Not enough time in the day!

I have a 12yr old girl,3 yr old girl and 2 yr old son. I go to school full time as well. I feel overwhelmed and feel like i can never catch up w/ parenting, house hold duties, my school work, taking time out for self. Please help me find a strategy that will help me time manage and bring balance back into my life where nothing gets left out and i come out of this sane!


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LiviaMcCoy writes:
I really like Lisa's answer! My children are grown and gone from home, but I remember well what you are describing. I, too, went to school full time while my children were small. Are there things you do now that really don't matter that much? For example, do clothes that do not wrinkle really need to be folded and put away? Why not just have a basket for each child and leave the clean clothes in the basket? Some would think this is a radical idea, but there are so many more important things than neatly folded clothes! As Lisa says, do the important things and let other things go! (And, do not feel guilty about it.) When my children were tall enough to reach the controls on the washer and dryer I turned that chore over to them. It helped me, and it helped them to learn responsibility.
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