Question: Math help

I am frustrated with the lack of help that my 8 year old is getting in 3rd grade especially in math. I went to back to school night and expressed how my child struggles and that how I have to work one on one with the teach, however even if my child asks for help she is not getting it. I don't know what to do... I need help at school as I am already spending hours a week trying to do what I know.... any suggestions?


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Back to school night is a crazy time for parents and teachers -- maybe she just didn't take in your concerns at that time. I would suggest setting up a one-on-one meeting with your child's teacher to express your concerns and work towards a parent/teacher/child game plan to help your child. Think that you will find this recent blog by Livia McCoy very helpful in preparing for your meeting with the teacher.
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Community Advice

TVo_OrganizedHonor writes:
Ask her teachers to stay after school and help her, When I need help in school i ask for it and i know your daughter does too. See if the school offers supervised study after school. I am an high school student that used to have the same problems so i know what's it like
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