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my son is in 2nd grade in a new school we just relocated - he has Mandrin language every week- this was started in kindergarten at this school- we just moved here this school year-- the repsonse I hear is thye kids HATE it- fall alseeep in class and it is not offeredn in the upper grade so they will not become fluent-some school in the same district are teaching spanish,french, etc... however these are offered in high school so the child can continue to study-- does anyone else have this at their public school? thanks for any info...


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
More high schools are adding Mandarin every year. There is a strong chance with the global economy that by the time your son gets to the HS they will be offering it there. In the meantime, think of it as a cultural experience for him. Also, have you had your parent teacher conference yet? Maybe you could ask the teacher about it and diplomatically suggest that they do more hands-on activities to liven things up.
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