Question: Learnng Disability

How do I teach a pretee to read with a AD disorder?


Advice from Schoolfamily

LiviaMcCoy writes:
Many people think that you cannot teach adolescents to read! I work at a school that specializes in teaching upper school students how to read. They need the same instruction that younger children need. It needs to focus on the sounds of language, how the letters connect with the sounds, the basic patterns in our language, fluency, and comprehension. Please read my blog post on teaching reading. Follow the links to the website I mention. The documents on that website cover exactly what your child needs to learn to read. You might need to find a tutor who can work with him one on one which will help him pay attention better.
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Community Advice

Hpatterson writes:
With lots and lots of patience. Speaking from personal experience, it took years for me to enjoy reading and I never have been able to barrel through a textbook well. Just don't give up. Let her read books that interest her, yes romance, adventure, etc. (There are clean one's for young teens) Keep searching until you find that perfect book. Don't criticize her when she makes mistakes, but DO NOT use her disability as a crutch or it will be a lifelong excuse to go nowhere.
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