Question: Learning Disabilities/Disorders

My daughter is extremely gifted. She has the biggest vocabulary in her class and is also on the highest reading level in her class. Her teacher and I have talked on many occasions either over the phone or face to face. We are both very determined to help her through her struggles. At first her teacher did mention some type of learning disorder then at our next meeting said she no longer thought that was the case because things were slightly improving. now they are getting worse again. I have talked to my daughter (who is 6 and in 1st grade) a number of times but I cannot get a straight answer out of her. Tonight I found an article about Central Auditory Processing Disorders and it fits my daughter to a tee. My question now is, where do I go to get an official diagnosis and is there anything else similar to this disorder besides ADD or ADHD that she could possibly have? I KNOW SHE DOES NOT HAVE ADD OR ADHD. Thank you for your time, Jenny


Advice from Schoolfamily

LiviaMcCoy writes:
To find out about your daughter's learning problem, you will need to have her evaluated by a professional. I think I would start with an educational psychologist. If that person feels her issue is auditory processing disorder, you may want to take her to a speech/language pathologist. They can provide training that may help her. I would be careful not to try to diagnose her myself nor do teachers diagnose students. The teacher's role is to inform you that there may be an issue because of what she sees in the classroom.
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Community Advice

suzie writes:
Hello My son has add. he had problems since k. He was diagnosed in 2nd. the iep program is there to test children in schools a psycholigist comes to the school and test the children. The school gives you a medical release have peditrican fill it out along with what the school knows. it is the schools job to get the children tested. Lot of different test our ran to see what your childs learning problem our. The psycholigist said children with add or adhd should not be held behind. Because, If there preformance has diagnosed. This can actually hold the child back in future achievements. hope you find the answer. I had to go everyday until i got an answer.
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