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how do parent might get involved in their child's classroom or school. take into cinsideration working parents


Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
That's an excellent question. Here's a great article that lists 25 ways you can make a difference at your child's school. If you contact your teacher or PTO tell them that you want to be involved but work, they should be able to come up with ways that match your schedule. It will be so worth it! Best of Luck!
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Community Advice

fatherof3 writes:
I use to think having a parent involved in a child's school was an assest. That was the belief I held until it was shattered by a teacher who over stepped his professiona boundaries. Having my x-wife be involved in my 3 daughters school went from being an assest to that of a nightmare. A male 2nd grade teacher in my kids school took advantage of my x-wife being available to help teachers. This teacher started to go beyond the limits of a teacer room mother relationship. I am divorced now and my x-wife and this male teacher live together. I tried to bring the inappropriateness of their relationship to the school board and on up to DPI with no change. This male teacher was able to continue being a 2nd grade teacher at the school. To anyone thinking of being a volunteer in a school - Please Be cautious when volunteering, especially of teachers that do not practice professional ethical boundaries. Parents should be welcomed and respected in schools, not taken advantage of and used for personal need. What started out as a mom helping out in school and classrooms extended way beyond and cause great harm to 3 children and a school community. A word from experience...Be cautious when working in a school if the teaching staff becomes too friendly! Report the behaviors to an administrator early on.
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