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My daughter is in her 3rd month in 6th grade. (k-8 school). This is the first year they are trying a Middle School model with these kids and she is VERY overwhelmed with organization and getting work done on time. In the first 2 months, she missed several homework assignments, etc. To our surprise (I suppose in a positive way) when we got her report card, it was ALL A's & B's with the exception of one C. We had parent teacher conferences last week and they are talking about bringing in Special Ed to talk with all of us, as if there is something wrong with her. She has ALWAYS been an A/B student and obviously still would be if it were not for the homework issues. I know she needs to be more conscientious when it comes to changes classes, etc but I feel like the staff is looking for something that simply isn't there. Anyone have any input or articles that pertain to a child struggling when they made the change to a 'middle school' atmosphere? I realize some of the blame is hers but I think the teachers/staff should be responsible for it being a big change too! Thanks!


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The important thing to remember is that middle school is the time figure things out and make mistakes (before they get to high school and care about a transcript). We have several articles on how to help middle schoolers get organized. Also, a question: could technology distractions be playing into her ability to get things done? Here's a blog post about managing distractions. Regarding her teachers feedback, it sounds like a follow-up meeting with the teachers is in order. Livia McCoy, one of our blogger recently did a great post with some tips on how to talk to your child's teacher(s) when your child is struggling in school that you may find helpful.
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