Question: multiplication tables

my grandson has started learning his times tables. When I learned my tables the lay out was i.e. 4 x1=4, 4x2=8, 4x3=12 etc - he is being taught 1x4=4, 2x4=8, 3x4=12 why has this been changed round?


Advice from Schoolfamily

LiviaMcCoy writes:
I do not know why they are turned around, but it really does not matter. Children need to learn that 3X4=4X3. It might even be a good idea to make study cards with the facts written both ways! They need to practice over and over again until they can say the answer almost without thinking.
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Community Advice

Dart Ridenour writes:
I think they are changed around to help recall the answers out of sequence. For example being able to recall 4x3 (or 3x4) without having to go through 4x1, 4x2 to get to 4x3. I would definitely recommend mixing up the order (2x2 then 4x3 then 2x4) so he can recall the answers without adding from the fact before.
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