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My son has a learning disability and ADHD..he is on the waiting list for alta du toit,special needs school..placement only in january 2012,the department has said that we shud put him in a formal school whille we wait..but the schools wont accept him..classes are big..40 kids or so..so he wont benefit..he is 7 turning 8. Please advise me. Mariolise.r@gmail.com Capetown


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kayann writes:
Do you have the time to get the work that the kids are doing at school and work with him yourself at home. Your school district might be willing to help you get work and even testing to see where you can start him at. but with this you have to be willing to do most of the teaching yourself. Just until you can get him into the special school so he is learning something..... Good Luck and I hope you find the best rout for you and your son
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