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my 9 yr old is in the middle of his 4th grade year and feels like he don't have friends at school. i ask him if he is being bullied and he says no, however he says that kids in his class tell him he's annoying. and he says that all other kids have best friends at school and he don't have one. i worry about his self esteem. he is a terrific kid. what do i do? i've thought about maybe letting him chat with other kids who feel this way, so he will realize that other kids experience these things too. I don't know of any places on the web like this though. your advice would be appriecated!


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LiviaMcCoy writes:
Most experts feel that is is extremely important that every child have at least one person they are friends with. Making friends can be difficult for some children, so your son may need some help learning how. A trip to the library might help! You could look for a book that is age-appropriate that teaches these skills. You also might take him to other events (maybe at church) where he has opportunities to make friends. Once he learns how to make friends in another environment, perhaps he will be able to make friends at school.
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