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My son is 6 years old, We started first grade young his birthday is on Sept. 1st. The majority of his classmates are older. He is having a hard time with his penmanship and reading. However he is very good at Math and very mature for his age. Last April he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, towards the end of kindergarten, so this year was very difficult for the first 4 months. Do you think I should have him repeat 1st grade and be advanced next year, instead of being behind academilcally. I feel like we have been working more on his self esteem and health, than academics. What is yuor advise? He is reading at about 20 words pr.minute. His class is reading at about 50-90 words.


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cmccarthy writes:
It sounds like you and your son have been struggling with his first grade experience. Being the youngest in a class is always challenging. This, coupled with the health issue you describe creates a complicated situation. You are wise to ask for advice. Start with your pediatrician. Explain what your child has been going through at school and ask for his or her advice. Then request a meeting with his first grade teacher. At the meeting discuss your concerns and the pediatrician’s evaluation. If you collectively decide to have him repeat first grade, for health and academic issues, it can be a very positive experience at this early point in his life.
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