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My daughter is very bright, but it seems to me her grades are suffering greatly from not doing her homework assignments. What can I do to make sure they get done? I ask her everyday, "Do you have homework"? Obviously I think she's lying to me. I'm a single parent and attend community college and we live in a studio apartment.


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LiviaMcCoy writes:
One thing you could do is to get her an assignment notebook. She should write down her assignments every day for each class in the notebook and have her teacher initial that it is correct. That way you have something you can look at each day. If she does not have homework, each class would say, "No homework," and the teacher would initial that it is true. This has worked for many students and teachers are usually happy to initial it. They would prefer to do that and get the homework! Good luck. Let me know if this works out.
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Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
Paula- What grade is your daughter in? Have you talked to her teacher to see what he or she is seeing in school? Is she still engaged there... how does she seem socially? Meeting with the teacher may give you some insight in these areas and hopefully you can come up with a joint plan. At home, do you have consequences for not doing homework? If she is a teen, then taking away a cell phone or not letting her go out on weekends if she doesn't complete her homework may motivate her to get on board with her studies. I also like Livia's idea of an assignment notebook. Keep us posted! ~ Lisa
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