Question: How to tell a child they will be attending a new school

My daughter has not been informed that she'll be changing schools; and entering 4th grade in a catholic school in the fall. We're not moving. It's a result of the poor curriculum in her current public school, and not receiving the additional assistance she needs.


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
We switched our daughter from one school to another in our town and I was so anxious telling her about that change. What we did is make a list of all the positives that she could relate to, so it was top of mind for our discussion. We positioned the move in a completely positive way and talked about it like it was a new adventure. Kids take cues from us and read our stress. We were pleasantly surprised (and a little blown away) that our daughter listened, had a few questions, then was fine with the decision. I think if you come off as being excited and confident in your decision she will be more likely to be OK with the change. I would suggest waiting until this school year is over to tell her. I would also have a school visit set up for after you tell her. Do you know any kids that attend the new school? She is still at an age where you could facilitate a social situation with kids from the new school to ease any anxiety about knowing kids there. Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes!
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