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Im very lost as to what I should be doing as a parent with my daughter in the ninth grade. She is in advanced classes, a very good student but I want to become more involved! She never tells me anything and gets mad if I ask questions. Do you have any advice?


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Lisa @ School Family writes:
Sometimes I think that the transition to adolescence is harder on the parent than it is on their child. You go from them telling you everything to next nothing. It helps me a bit to know that it's normal. It sounds like your daughter is on a good track. That is not to say that you don't want to have an open line of communication. Here is an article that offers some good tips. I also think that timing is everything. If you fire questions at them when they just walk in the door or when they are tired or hungry, forget it! I find that I get the most information on weekends during down time... I just have to be patient. Is there an activity that you both enjoy that you could do together? That is another good time to get kids to open up.
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Community Advice

sami writes:
Dont be it completely natural to feel that being a mother in your freshmen year but i know you heard the term their no book on being a parent i have a dauughter in high school i want to be close to her as much as i can iget a sense of love and caring when around her it's something we all feel for our kids i'm not talking about cause she mines but because of the things that was going on in my life at that time that i had her sometimes we dont know it but that plays a big factor in our lives whether we want to believe it or not right now now my suggest would be think god for her and think him for allowing you to bring a healthy child to you to love cause of lot of dont get the love we need we might look in the wrong place but the blessing be right in front.take it slow because she'll be the one who will come hurting. good luck
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