Question: New School Anxiety Issues

How can I destress my 10 yr old daughter about going to a new school. She has a IEP and the school before and this school are aware of it. So she is on a 10mg adhd patch to help focus and be able to do school work. I have been home schooling throughout Summer only and I still feel like she is still behind. What can I do to make this transition better, she is afraid of bullying, making new friends, being able to answer the questions correctly and not be embarrassed. She is really having major anxiety issues and its stressing me out. I want to help her, but I am going to need some advice and guidance please. Thanks, from a concerned mom.


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Genuinef250 writes:
Honestly mine is too young(3) for my advise to be beneficial for you in regards to the child, and his iep is in Speach. But we did move from VA to IL in nov last year. The best advice I can say that truly helped me is, stay calm and positively supportive yourself, because when my son sensed I was stressed over the school and Speach therapists or pre-K teachers he became even more difficult to understand and or get to try to repeat or pronounce things correctly, let alone the behavioral issues that would arise. But like I said the age difference is so large between our kids Im not sure what else I did that could help you. I do feel for you though, moving with an iep is hard, I love hearing about other parents that care and take interest in their children's lives! Awesome that you are there for her and not just thowing her in to cope on her own!
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