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My son just started kindergarten on 8/18/11. He was happy to go and did not cry when I left him. When my husband picked him up the second day of school, the teacher told him that my son did not want to join the rest of the kids for circle time, but wanted to stay at his desk. Then while doing an art project, my son kept saying "I cant do it". I saw that he did bring home some art work that he colored and also wrote his name, so I know he is capable of doing things, but he does try to use that "I dont know" excuse when he is lazy. Is this normal behavior? he did not have the opportunity to go to preschool so I think he is just lacking the socializing skills and is nervous.


Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
Amontoya12-Kindergarten can be a big adjustment. I would suggest working on his confidence at home. Perhaps you can work on a project that he enjoys with him over the weekend and point out all the things he is doing well. The "I can't do it" doesn't mean that he is lazy... it means he is afraid to take risks or concerned he'll be wrong. Your job is to give him a safe environment to take risks and help him understand that everyone makes mistakes. To help in the social department try setting up a playdate with a classmate. You could email the teacher and see who she thinks he would connect with.
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