Question: Bilingual Situation

My son just started kindergarten. He understands some english but does not speak it fluently..he only knows words or short simple questions. My family is spanish speaking and my husband and I speak mostly spanish at home but we are fluent in English. Therefore, my son speaks primarily spanish. His teacher told me that he has trouble understanding and communicating in English and recommended that one of us speak to him in English all the time to help him in the transition. Should we "both"speak to him in English or should one of us still speak in spanish?I know kids are fast learners and I would hate for him to not be bilingual as he grows up. What do you recommend I do?


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birdieflo78 writes:
I believe that you should speak both lanuages at home. My husband is Spanish speaking and I am primarily English speaking. However, our oldest daughter spoke Spanish first and then transitioned into English once she was school age. But we always spoke both lanuages inside the home once she was school age and still do to this day. I hope this helps you with your decision.
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