Question: Regrets about dropoff

I have been regretting the drop off routine I decided for my kindergartener's first day. My child goes to a before care in his school. We thought it was best to start his first day as would be his routine and dropped him off there first to start his day after pics at home and dad and brother also coming to school to see him to the door while I brought him in as a special thing. I also was there when he got off the bus after school. He was fine and happy to be at before care. I did all the pre school prep (meet the teacher, brought in his supplies, did the new family fun fair) and just missed that going to the classroom was maybe the "way" to do it. The next morning, he asked why some parents stayed to the beginning and it didn't kick in to the next week what that meant. I did talk to his teacher who said he was fine on the first day and every day since doing quite well. I can't seem to let this go if anyone has any advice.


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amontoya12 writes:
I think that if you have the flexibility to take him to school and to his classroom your self you should definately do it. I think it's important to participate and even though it may not seem like it, by taking him all the way to his classroom you are being involved. You get to see his desk, his artwork and morning routine when they walk into class. I also have a kindergardner and I changed my work schedule to start 30 minutes later so I can drive him myself and to his classroom. I praise him for following his routine and he is thrilled that I am there with him. We were almost going to have him take the bus in the morning, but quickly changed our minds..now he only takes the bus back home.
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