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Our elementary school has several lunch periods; therefore, there are some kids who will not eat until much later in the school day. This problem was solved in the past by having the kids bring in a mid morning snack. Unfortunately, in some classrooms, the brief mid morning snack turned into an extended excessive food fest. Therefore, the school responded by eliminating the mid morning snack. My 10 yr old has breakfast by 8:00 am but does not eat lunch until 1:20 pm. And during that time, she also has gym and recess (her recess is scheduled before lunch). I would like to approach the school's administration about reinstituting the mid morning snack with more strict guidelines and enforcement as I know 5+ hours between breakfast and lunch cannot be in the children's best interest, neither nutritionally nor academically. I just need the documentation or studies to support my cause with regards to the negative effect on academic focus, overall health/blood sugar and childhood obesity. Can anyone help to guide me in the direction of the information that I need to present to the school administrators to support my request to reinstitute the mid morning snack?


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RaspberryT writes:
Do you have a PTA or any parent organized group at your school? Maybe you could suggest this idea to them, as I'm sure there are other parents who might feel the same as you. They could support and help you bring your case to the school administration. Good Luck.
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