Question: Struggling??

My son just started kindergarten. His teacher has pointed out several things, such as that when asked to draw a picture of what he did on the weekend and then say what is happening in the picture he wont do it or struggles to draw something. He also wont speak up in class if he needs something or when the teacher asks a general question to everyone. I have been working with him on the drawing by having him draw me something that we did such as go bowling or eat ice cream, but he struggles and says he does not know how. How else can I help him on these issues and are they normal??


Advice from Schoolfamily

cmccarthy writes:
Yes, this is a fairly normal reaction when young students aren't sure what to do, or where to start. It's great that you are trying to practice this with him at home! Try modeling a simple picture, or try drawing one together. For example, you might draw a small rectangle, then show your son by adding two circles on the bottom and a rounded top you can make a car. Demonstrating how to draw and combine simple shapes, that he recognizes, could give him the confidence to do it on his own.
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