Question: Separation Anxiety at 8

I teach at a private school. My daughter has gone to the same school K4 - 2nd grade. We had to pull her out of private and go public school. She cries every morning saying how much she is going to miss me. I understand how she is feeling, but its going on 4 weeks and I am lost for words now.


Community Advice

uriritij writes:
let her go back to private school. Then she will be happy . I have the same problem with my daughter last year . That what i do and she was happy again .And she have all her friend back .
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Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
ksm-Ugh, that is hard on you too! It's hard for kids to understand that we are doing things in their best interest. What I would suggest is do everything you can to help your daughter forge connections at the new school. What is the feedback from her teacher on how she is doing in class and interacting with other kids. Enlist his or her help in helping your daughter find kids she will connect with. Missing you will probably still be there but she'll think about it less. Regarding her missing you, have you tried developing a routine to lessen that angst like "The Kissing Hand"? One last thought: get your school counselor in the loop. They often have fabulous suggestions for helping kids with transitions.
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