Question: my child forgets and looses stuff

I have an 11 year old that is in 5th grade. He is always loosing his conduct grade report every friday and he is lying to both parent and teacher about what one or the other does. For example he has a week to do his homework and does not bring it home til the last day and we spend 6 hours doing homework. How can I make him more responsiable for his own actions?


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angel96 writes:
is there a favorite toy or something that he likes to play with? if there is try taking it until he starts behaving and minding... if he continues to lie to both you and teacher about what one or the other does then make him show respect towards everyone he meets until he has it stuck in his brain that lying is no good and that he should respect his elders. if that does not work then he needs to take a class about respect and manners...
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