Question: My child has ADHD and now in 3rd grade Techer is not like last years.

My son has ADHD and is in the 3rd grade he is on the high spespectrum of ADHD. But he is mostly in 6th grade level except Math and Comprehension he is on grade level. last year techer was awesome in helping fined new ways to keep Jonny working and on task this years techer not so much. She Just keeps pointing out what Jonny is not doing or messing up on She wont let him redo some of the School work that he didn't understand and went a head and did it like he thought it was suppose to be done witch was wrong. She said "he didn't follow instuctions and that's what he has to turn it." I'm trying to work with her but she is maken it hard to do. I'm not asking for special tretment just let him redo his work at home. What can I do?? My sister said make a 411 plan for the techer to follow for him, but I have no clue what that is? Please help me!


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Cari Lee writes:
Your son may need what is called a 504 plan or IEP. This covers disabilities and Special Education. Wrightslaw.com has excellent information on how to get the school to help your son. He is covered under the ADA law and IDEA Law. Write a letter to the school requesting that he be evaluated for an IEP(special education) and 504 plan. They have to respond and review the situation within two weeks. This will put him on their radar and he will get accommodations to start with. Document everything. The schools have limited funding and are set up to deny anything that costs money. You have to prove your case. It is a fight and can get ugly if you let it. We had the exact same situation with our son last year in third grade as well. He is in the Gifted program with ADD and that is still unfathomable to the school. Most conditions have varying degrees of severity but, they would not deny a blind child books in braille. ADD is cover under Federal law as Other Health Impairments. Good Luck.
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nicole29 writes:
My son, also in 3rd grade, is having the same issues. He makes decent grades (had him tested in 1st grade for 504 & he was a little above the average child).. back then the school he used to go to made modifications for him. He was able to go to learning lab and get 1 on 1 help when he was daydreaming or didn't get the instructions.. this new school (much nicer as far as looks) claims they had to budget cut the learning labs so there are none.. WHAT!!!!!?! His teacher has asked me "what is wrong w him, what do the drs say this is?" Well for her to be a teacher for over 20 yrs I find it hard to believe she doesn't know what ADD/ADHD is. She also added that its like he has an issue processing information she gives him.. Well THAT IS ADD! When hes not on meds hes hyper/impulsive but on meds hes just ADD but its severe eitherway. With the meds hes able to get work completed. He is a VERY sweet kid and even while hyper hes a bright funny hyper.. Im almost ready to sacrifice my job to drive him to and from his old school 25 miles away daily because they care.. Does he still qualify for the IKEA deal if he makes A,B,&C's? There are times he can make a 100 on reading tests (must be a dang good book) but most times its careless mistakes. He always Aces spelling tests thanks to his 1st grade teacher drilling the rules of sound/alphabet & tutoring him so much (after school and for free). Thanks for yalls time!
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