Question: Peeing his pants at school

My son (5) has peed his pants 3 times at school already. I have noticed this since he began his "full" day school schedule. I get the vibe from his teacher that this bothers her and she even told me "he cant be doing this" as if it were his fault or mine. My son has never had this happen to him before at home, store, etc and he does not wear a diaper at night. I know 100% that its happened because he is too shy or embarrassed to tell the teacher he needs to go. I am doing my best to work on this with him, but I don't feel like the teacher is "trying" to help me on this issue or AT LEAST avoiding these negative comments. What can I do to help my son and should I discuss this more with his teacher?


Advice from Schoolfamily

cmccarthy writes:
I would definitely talk to his teacher again. Explain that this doesn’t happen at home, or when he’s out with you. He should know that it is perfectly alright to go to the bathroom anytime he needs. If there is not a single bathroom in his classroom, he might be nervous going to the larger school bathroom alone. Maybe he’s afraid of not finding his way back to his own classroom, or some other unknown fear. If that is the case ask if he could have a “bathroom buddy” so he feels more comfortable.
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Community Advice

Skruff writes:
I would suggest discussing this matter with the teacher, BUT with the principal or the assistant principal present. It is possible that your son and this teacher are mismatched (it happens) and that communication is difficult. Perhaps he just needs to change classrooms, or maybe the teacher needs some sensitivity training.
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