Question: My 11yr old Son can't seem to get his mind off of playing xbox-live!

My 11 yr old step-son who I've been looking after for about 4 years now can't seem to get his mind out of the play box and into more healthier and serious things like his academics and athletics or making friends! He has a real behavior problem. He lies, makes up stories, and the most recent not finishing his classwork or not managing his time in class wisely. Sometimes I feel as if I'm all alone with disciplining him because his uncles and grandfather still buy him the video games even if we tell him no. I need to know how I can deal with these issues before they get worse?


Community Advice

kayann writes:
My son had the same problem, He has ADHD and thinks I'm mean but 1st thing when he gets home I look at his agenda and see if any home work listed. (talked to teachers to make sure they are writen down daily.) Then he has to spend at least 1/2 hour or more out side weather permiting. If those things are not done he gets no game, if it happens 2 days in a row a third day is added. such as 1 no home work no game that day 2 no home work no game for that day + 1 more day. and when he does get the game its 1 hour a day on school days and no more then 3 hours on the week end like 1 hour in morning 1 in afternoon 1 in evening. If he complains or throughs a fit he losses another day ALSO Have a stern talk with the people giving him the games. Say we enjoy it but time limits and consenquences will happen. Like maybe they won't get to see him if the bring a game with out permission, because it seems like they are buying him, you need to start young or it will only get worse.
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Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
Joselle, Ah x-box is such draw for boys.Think that Kayann has some great suggestions! Being clear about expectations is key. What we did in our house is said no x-box during the school week. Then on the weekends he can play but has to balance it with chores, friends, activity! I have friends who use a screen tracker and say it works well for them. Make sure that you tell the uncles and grandfather what the game plan is and ask them to respect it.
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