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My son is in 1st grade and he is giving me a hard time when it comes to homework. He is bright and performs above average but has to cry anytime I ask him to do homework. His homework is not difficult and once he sits down, he can do it all on his own, but the crying really frustrates me. What can I do to make him like homework and not cry?


Community Advice

kayann writes:
have you tried a reward chart, you can use it for homework, cleaning room, setting table any chores.... Rewards don't have to cost anything either.... a friend stay over, take to park, see if anything special going on in your area.... good study habits start now Good luck
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Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
Ugh, that's stressful for everyone. Question: when are you asking him to sit down to do his homework? Maybe you can play with the timing... give him time to run around, have a good snack before doing homework. Would also suggest talking about this pattern at a time when he is rested and happy... lead with the positive: what a good job he does on his homework and his effort, then ask him why he has such a tough time getting started. I have found over the years that my kids surprise me when I take a brainstorming approach. Check out this article about dealing with homework struggles. Homework without the Fuss is another helpful article. Best of luck. Let us know how it goes!
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