Question: school calssroom outline

How do I find out the class outline or cirricluim that my school district uses (for each subject if nessacary) so I can help my child at home to keep up w/o confusing him more? I have asked several times and am told this doesn't exist. I don't believe this. My son is in 1st and I want to help him to keep on task when he can't at school (he has ADHD and needs an extra boost at times)


Advice from Schoolfamily

SchoolFamily writes:
If you don't get the answer from his teacher I would suggest contacting the principal for this information. Also, check your school district website and search "curriculum." Our school district has the curriculum overview listed there and the individual elementary school websites also have an overview of what kids are learning grade by grade and also what math and reading programs the teachers are using.
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