Question: Son talks too much in class.

My 3rd grader talks too much in class. He is very smart, does extremely well, is very good-natured, and loves school, but he can't seem to stop the chit-chat. We have been working on this for a while now. Any new ideas?


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triciag writes:
have you asked him what would help? i had a friend with a child in 1st grade with a similar issue. her child's answer: magic potion. so they drank a special mixture of juices in the morning (just store-bought juice mixed with a little food coloring and some fizzy water). she's in second grade now and doing dramatically better in the behavior department.
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Community Advice

artsandlearning writes:
Talking a lot in class is not a behavior issue. You've said the he's a smart child doing well at school. As he doesn't have any other problems and is doing well in studies, it's clear that he just is a friendly child and loves to talk.And then, you're not in the class with him, his teacher is, isn't it? So how are you expected to help? He needs to be handled carefully by the teacher. I know I am no help but please don't resort to any punishment or anything like that.
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