Question: My 13 Year old Son

My son is in the 8th grade and he has been making D & F's all thru school. I am out of suggestings. I have went to all channel at school, tutoring. the school counselor talking with all his teachers. I also have put forth great efforts to help him study. I can't hold his hand at school to keep him on task. He just refuses to make any effort to do his work or study, At some point I think its just him being lazy but on the other hand and concerned that maybe he has a medical issue other than the ADHD he is being medicated for. Because there is no change in him with medication with or without it. He just makes no effort what so ever.


Advice from Schoolfamily

LiviaMcCoy writes:
I would recommend that you ask the school psychologist for a full evaluation for learning disabilities. It is possible that your son is giving up on himself and school because no matter how hard he tries, it doesn't make any difference. Please do not give up on him.
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