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My fifth grader was in a fight at school. He was suspended for two days which we agreed upon. He spent those two days doing homework and cleaning the house. We also went to the other childs house and the boys worked it among themselves. Then when he went back to school he was told he wasn't allowed to have recess the rest of the year or associate with the other boy at all. We have talked to the principal who basically said "it is my school I will do what I want" We feel this is an unfair punishment and that taking recess away will result in more behavior problems. How do we respectfully disgree with the school


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LiviaMcCoy writes:
Perhaps you should call on a regular basis and make your case over and over again. Using a respectful tone of voice is important. You do not want to become confrontational, but persistently asking for your son to be allowed to go back out for recess might pay off. You could point out that your son needs to get exercise and sunshine. You could say that you are concerned that he will begin to see adults as unfair. You could tell him that you agree that he can do what he wants with his school, but you would expect that what he wants is what is best for the children. Best of luck.
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