Question: Son may be held back in kindergarten

My 5yr old son started kindergarten this year and has done great until the past month or less. Last week we received a letter from school saying he may not be recommended for 1st grade because he is having such a hard time staying focused on his work and often has to be told to finish his work. He also seems to daydreaming a lot. His behavior is never an issue but his teacher said if he goes to 1st grade there would be no one on one attention or anyone to prompt him to get to work if hes daydreaming. I don't understand why he has started doing this and I don't know how to help him focus and stay on task at school. I don't want him held back and his school also has a class called K+ which is between k and 1st grade but I really don't know anything about this or if it would be good for my son. What should I do to help him focus and is K+ a good idea for kids who aren't quite ready for 1st grade?


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Letter Box writes:
Hi, Attention is a real problem. It sounds as though your son maybe finding the increased complexity of Kindergarten difficult. I say this because the lack of attention has only just started. I would ask the teacher more questions about your child's academic levels, socialisation and emotional balance at school. He could be having difficulties in socialisation and this could be impacting on his ability to attend. Once you have more information, I could help further.
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