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My son just started kindergarten and i work evenings - coming home about 15min before bedtime. Despite talks, arguments, ect. my husband seems to always "forget" to get homework done with him. I understand this is an issue but what am i to do? Also after explaining the sitution to the teacher i was (inappropriately, i believe) told that had i maybe not had my child so young and attended college (i'm 23, had him at 18) that maybe i would have a "better" job and not have to work evenings! She is not even aware of what it is i do! To add, i do evening (end of day) data entry for a private company and am not in any way at a "poverty" level. She went so far as to *insinuate* further dicipline (such as child services) if i do not/can not "fix" this. He is excelling during the school day and while i understand homework is essential i don't believe i should be belittled and threatened over it not being done. What course of action should i take?


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IndyParentCoach writes:
Is it possible to do homework in the morning? Ideally having dad on board would be best. A posted schedule might help or rewarding your son for taking the initiative and getting his work done is another though. I would ask the teacher about getting a weekend packet that you can complete with him at a better time. My daughters teachers for kindergarten and first grade both ave weekly packets rather than nightly homework and it worked great.
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