Question: possible learning disabilities

my 11 y/o daughter is attending a charter school. she has been declining in all subjects because if her lack to remember and also she has been lazy on alot of things including her homelife... im literally options now. punishing doesnt work and i reward her when she does do her homework but then its right back to the same routine. she has been diagnosed with ADHD 5yrs ago and im not sure if her medication is working anymore or maybe she is just rebelling in all aspects now. any advice would be helpful thanks!!!


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IndyParentCoach writes:
Seems like there may be a motivation issue. What thinks does your daughter enjoy? Finding ways to make learning enjoyable for kids with ADHD is important because it an be harder to focus on things you don't like. Her medication may need adjusting as it sometimes can as kids approach adolescence. But there could also be social things going on. I would back off of academics slightly to find out what really motivates your child and then use that to connect with the importance of education.
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