Question: Unfair punishment regarding social media

I'm in 8th grade, and at the end of January I was reported for a feud on instagram in which I mentioned a few inappropriate and rude things, which was wrong of me. Yet, I got 2 days of in school suspension for that and for taking inappropriate pictures - which was a false acusation that was not brought to my attention until my ISS was completed. Even though Instagram is not even connected to my school the assistant principle somehow stalked my instagram even though it was private and found out that I drew on my friends leg and took a picture, it happened over the summer at a sleepover when we were just having fun, plus she wasn't naked and yet he thought it was me whe her skin is slightly darker than mine. I feel as though I should've only gotten 1 day because the picture thing happened over the summer and my mom knew and didn't really care even if she did she would've already punished me. Let alone I did deserve to get punished for the Insta-Feud but the picture? No! That's my parents responsiblity not the school's. This has in fact been bothering me for months and I'd like to get this off my chest.


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