Question: Dealing with a parent who is over involved in kindergarten social life

My daughter is in kindergarten. She went to pre-school with a little girl who she became very close to. The mother reached out for play dates and we were happy to agree. However, the mother was incredibly overbearing and wanted to immediately become best family friends. She wanted to have play dates every weekend, couples dinners, wanted me to join her gym and even tried to convince us to rent a condo in Hawaii with them. I liked her, but I don't have time for or do I want or need a new mom best friend. I kind of began to pull away. Arranging lots of activities for the girls, but not accepting a lot of social invitations with the mom. Between pre-school and kinder, our girls remained friends, but my daughter has started to branch out and make new friends in kindergarten, which I was happy about. Here's the problem. The mom, probably a little angry about me not responding to her invitations has started arranging these group kindergarten activities and never invites my daughter. Tea parties, cookie baking at her home, things like that where she will invite 6 or 8 girls from the class, but never my daughter. It's really upsetting for my 5 year old and of course, to me. I can't believe a grown woman would act this way, but it's happening. I'm not really sure how to handle it. Doing nothing seems appropriate. I'm definitely not going to confront her, but I'm not sure if I should do anything. Any advice? My husband says that she will eventually alienate the other parents like she did with us. We can't be the only ones who would be turned off by her aggressiveness. It's so dumb, I really have no desire to be involved in any of these playground politics, but I also don't want my daughter to be left out.


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malenist writes:
I believe that this ambitions and its unrealization
try to talk with the nurses
be obliged to explain the situation
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